Stop in and Explore one of our three locations! See for yourself how Jack 'n' Jill provides a personal touch while caring for children. We believe that high-quality childcare can change the world by enriching children, families and the entire community.

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Providing Quality Care For Over 75 Years

NAEYC Accredited and EEC Licensed

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Certified Childcare Professionals


Here at Jack ‘n’ Jill we provide you with everything you need, so that you can make informed decisions about your child’s care.

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Harriett Drew founded Jack 'n' Jill in 1943 in "the little old house at 39 Station Street". Harriett's husband Dana was injured and hospitalized in the war and she needed additional income. She and her friend Flo Nyros placed an ad in the local paper, hoping to place 10 children…

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Our administrative and teaching professionals are carefully screened and selected for their experience, education and teaching skills. All of our teachers are trained in the area of early childhood education and certified by the Department of Early Education and Care. All staff members are CPR, First Aid, and OSHA certified and required to continue their education and training in the area of early childhood education.



Infant Program, 6 weeks to 15 months - Our Infant teachers create a warm and inviting classroom where your baby is loved and cherished. Each Infant room is equipped with a safe and secure toddling area where older babies can pull themselves up, crawl in a large open area or explore their image in the viewing mirror. Brain development is paramount at this age and parents will find teachers engaged in constant communication with their little ones.

Toddler Program, 15 months to 33 months - Safe, warm and inviting classrooms are created for the energy filled and constantly on the go Toddler. Here you will find the climbing and riding area in our Toddler rooms that engage and support the young child's physical development. For the older Toddler, “Potty” training is a work in progress, along with following simple directions, and learning to dress himself/herself. These are all concepts introduced to promote the mastering of self- help skills.

Preschool Program, 2.9 years to 5.11 years - Preschool children are eager to build social independence and engage in peer relationships. Our preschool classrooms are created with a variety of learning centers. These centers allow the preschooler to demonstrate their own abilities, which include making decisions and participating with their friends in freedom of choice. Each preschool teacher uses positive interactions within the classroom environment to create and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum that follows the guidelines of the Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks. Young children learn by doing and need to be provided with many opportunities to explore and experiment with concepts through play and hands- on activities in their natural environment. Our educators work to incorporate these positive outcomes.

Kindergarten, 5 to 6.11 years - All of our educators work to provide children with curriculum that is specifically designed to help promote educational foundations for early leaners. The Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten curriculum promotes active involvement by children in their own learning process, recognizing that young children learn through play, active manipulation of the environment, concrete experiences and communicating with others. Through our curriculum the early learners will build upon fundamental life skills in a fun and innovative manner. Expressive vocabulary and articulation skills flourish, as they become “restaurant owners”, taking orders and making menus through dramatic play activities. Mathematical and numerical relationships are learned as they use their fingers to act out “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and young scientists are born through understanding that living things go through crucial progressions by observing the life cycle of a caterpillar found in the playground.


Here at Jack ‘n’ Jill we firmly believe in building your child’s future thorough providing innovative and in-house enrichment programs to aid cognitive and sensory development.

  • Professional storytelling
  • Professional music and movement
  • Professional children’s yoga classes
  • An interactive SPLAT room experience and hands on
    learning encounter
    • Sensory, Play, Learning, Adventure, Theater

Providing curriculum choices with a STEM approach in the
learning environment.

  • Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
core values
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West Quincy: 6:45 am – 6:00 pm
Marina Bay: 6:45 am – 6:00 pm
Abington: 6:45 am- 6:00 pm
All center infant room hours:
7:00 am – 5:30 pm
Jack ‘n’ Jill Child Care Centers has been providing quality care for over 75 years. We continue to employ qualified professionals within a friendly working environment. Jack ‘n’ Jill invites you to apply for a career opportunity within our company.
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Added Value Benefits - We are committed to providing our employees with the best benefit package available. We believe that all of our teachers should be offered high-quality benefits.

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick
  • Birthday off and paid
  • Educational reimbursement
  • Discounted child care
  • Medical and Dental benefits
  • 401(k) with employer match

Positions - We base our positions according to the Department of Early Education and Care regulations. Jack ‘n’ Jill Child Care Centers provide the opportunity for career and educational advancement.

  • Lead Teacher
  • Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher
  • Snack Prep/Server

Schedules - We acknowledge that our teaching professionals have individual needs. We make it a priority to offer schedules that meet the needs of the center and employee.

  • Flexible hours
  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Morning and afternoons
  • Holiday and Summer hours
Positions and wages vary between locations.
Contact the director if interested in applying for available career opportunities.


Three Convenient Locations

West Quincy | Marina Bay | Abington

Kindly contact the center of your choice regarding program availability, rates, and additional center information.



Jack 'n' Jill Kindergarten & Child Care
39 Station St.
West Quincy, MA 02169

Program Director: Caroline Kelly
Assistant Director: Amanda MacDonald
p: 617.773.4515
f:  617.472.4573
e: westquincy@jnjcc.com


Jack 'n' Jill Child Care at Marina Bay
500 Victory Rd.
N. Quincy, MA 02171

Program Director: Ashley Arnold
Assistant Directors: Ashley Ruka and Kristin Keeley
p: 617.773.4545
f:  617.770.4540
e: marinabay@jnjcc.com


Jack 'n' Jill Child Care of Abington
90 North Avenue
Route 139
Abington, MA 02351

Program Director: Cayla Ahern
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Lawlor
p: 781-792-2806
f:  781-792-2137
e: abington@jnjcc.com

Choosing childcare is one of the most important decisions a family can make. We at Jack 'n' Jill believe that you can change the world when a high-quality childcare enriches not only your children; yet, entire families and the community. Jack 'n' Jill has a rich heritage of providing a personal touch while caring for children. Our traditions have brought us from 1943 until now. Jack 'n' Jill is committed to providing high quality care with core values that are met by utilizing communication while responding to the needs of children and families.
Harriett Drew founded Jack 'n' Jill in 1943 in the little old house at 39 Station Street. Harriett's husband Dana was injured and hospitalized in the war and she needed additional income. She and her friend Flo Nyros placed an ad in the local paper, hoping to place 10 children to care for in Harriett's home. Eighty-six people responded to the ad! It was wartime, and many working women needed childcare.
In preparing for this endeavor, Harriett and Flo recruited two retired teachers to help with the children. By the end of the first year they had 40 children enrolled. Harriett said, 'We cleared out everything in the downstairs of my home. I went to the bank, took out a loan and in four weeks we expanded the center. We charged $10 per week back then and everyone thought that was expensive! We even provided transportation. I cooked, I drove, I cleaned and I ran the school and did all the bookkeeping.'
Local mothers worked nights at the Quincy shipyards, so Harriett took in children to stay overnight. 'We had a waiting list you wouldn't believe!' exclaimed Harriett. She put more additions onto her house to support the growth of her business.
Dana Drew (Harriett's son) was born in 1946. He is a Jack 'n' Jill graduate and took his first job as an employee of Jack ‘n’ Jill cleaning the school each night. When Dana turned 16, he started driving the center's school bus. When Harriett retired in 1984, Dana (President of Jack ‘n’ Jill) took over the family business and recruited Kelley A. Joyce to secure and expand his family’s heritage. Since Kelley’s 25+ tenure with Jack ‘n’ Jill as the current CEO she continues to bring innovative strategies that enhance the company and culture.
Reminiscing over the years, Jack 'n' Jill has acquired additional centers in the area. Following the successful opening of the Marina Bay center in 1994, we continued to expand. This expansion was to better serve commuting parents by providing locations that are a comfortable distance from work and home.
Our Three Locations

West Quincy Est. 1943 | Marina Bay Est. 1994 | Abington Est. 2014

Extraordinary teachers have remained with Jack 'n' Jill for 10, 20 and even 32 years! An annual pin ceremony acknowledges those who remain dedicated to Jack 'n' Jill. The pin symbolizes an employee's anniversary. As tradition is passed on, tradition is also recognized with several Jack 'n' Jill graduates who have come back to teach. Nearly all of our staff, directors and teachers bring or have brought their own young children as well as their grandchildren to Jack 'n' Jill. Every member of our team has a background in Early Childhood Education. The staff’s educational experience ranges from a vocational/technical early childhood degree through masters’ degree. Each staff member is trained in First Aid, CPR and OSHA. We abide by the regulations from The Department of Early Education and Care www.qualitychildcare.org . Our staff remains motivated to provide quality care by maintaining accreditation status by The National Association for the Education of Young Children. www.naeyc.org.
No matter which Jack ‘n’ Jill Center you choose for your child you will see that we go beyond licensing standards to meet the needs of the children. We make a commitment to understand children’s needs at different ages, plan age-appropriate activities and interact with children in warm and stimulating ways. Whether it is in Jack ‘n’ Jill’s past, present or future we will always strive to offer quality care and remain committed to benefiting the wishes of families and children.
Welcome to Jack ‘n’ Jill Child Care
Kelley A. Joyce